The Charcoal Burners

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Chris Wall-Palmer lives in his own woodland near Midhurst in West Sussex and has been a charcoal burner for 18 years, he also splits and supplies firewood to his local community. His home is heated entirely through the use of wood, and he has a wealth of knowledge about types of wood and fire behaviour.
Chris wants to keep our woodlands alive and productive, so in addition to the open days and workshops detailed below, he is intending to take on at least one full-time apprentice, who will learn woodland skills and develop their own personal capabilities with the benefit of Chris's guidance. If this is the opportunity you are looking for, email Chris using the contact form and tell him why he should take you on.

Guided Tours of Our Ecohome

Come and see for yourself how to put together a home from wood, straw and lime plaster! Entertaining, inspirational and very informative. Groups of minimum 15 and maximum 20 people welcome. Larger groups considered.

Price: £15 per person
Time: 2 hours

To find out more or make a booking, use the contact form and please leave your phone number.

'Romancing the Flame' - a firewood workshop

186,000 wood stoves were sold last year but not everybody knows how to use them well. A disappointing fire isn't necessarily your wood merchants fault, so come and learn how to make the most of your wood! Designed to help you make your fires more effective and efficient, whether you're using your stove or open fire as a heating and/or cooking source. Why to use seasoned wood, what types of wood to use and how to identifying species and moisture content so you too can enjoy a cosy fire.

  • A checklist when securing a firewood merchant
  • Don't blame your log merchant - understanding how they work
  • Storage of firewood, make the most of your woodshed
  • Lighting your fire
  • The right wood for the right time
  • Identifying chimney and stove problems
  • Safety aspects

Price: £45
Time: 9-12am
Dates: 25th September, 30th September

Book my place:

'Love Thy Wood' - a wood splitting workshop

For those who want to learn how to safely split your own wood. This is a practical hands-on workshop.

  • Idenitifying sweet spots for splitting
  • How to handle an axe safely and effectively
  • Axe Accuracy
  • Wood species identification

Price: £45
Time: 1-4pm
Dates: To be arranged, please contact us if you wish to book

School Groups

Younger visitors can come and have fun discovering all about nature and the environment!

  • Enjoy minature beasties with our bug-hunts
  • Learn to see more on one of our nature trails
  • Charcoal drawings and rubbings using our own artists charcaol

If your school would like to find out more or make a booking, use the contact form and please leave your phone number.

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