The Charcoal Burners

5kg Bag of Charcoal
'Hot Stuff' Charcoal

Made here by us from locally coppiced wood. Have a BBQ safe in the knowledge that you're supporting sustainable woodland management here in the UK.

Price: £4.50/3kg, £7.50/5kg, (outlets will mark-up by about 50p)

Availability: Year round. Visit one of our local outlets to collect, or come and see us making charcoal at one of our demo's and buy direct from us, and have a great day out too!

       Picture coming soon!

Horticultural Charcoal (Soil Improver)

Just like our barbeque charcoal, this is made from locally coppiced wood, and is 100% natural and untreated. Retains moisture in light soils and improves drainage in heavy soils, can be used as an excellent mulch or top dressing, and is perfect for hanging baskets due to its light-weight and moisture retentive properties. Ideally it should be well mixed into your soil.

Availability: Contact Us for more information.

Bespoke Shingle Roof
Bespoke Shingle Roofing

Untreated, cut (not split) shingles, for any size and shape of roof. These pictured here are cedar wood, with an overlap resulting in a final thickness of 3 tiles.

Price: £50 per square metre (not including installation).

Availability: Busy but available, contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Landrover Defender

Yes, we're trying to sell our trusty landrover to raise funds! It's an ex-RAF, 'H' reg, diesel, with a long wheel-base, and optional sanky trailors (2). It' s in good working order, with a recently reconditioned gear box and new top shaft.

Price: £4000 ono

Contact us for more information, or to make an offer.

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